Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things I bought recently

 First we have some $1 snakes from Target. I have these scattered around my room. They compliment my glow in the dark rats and centipedes nicely ;)

Next are these face wipes from Tjmaxx. I waited to post this just so I could try them out and review them. As far as removing makeup goes these are OK. They work well if you have on light makeup like tinted moisturizer and a powder. Anything too heavy just doesn't come off all the way and it definitely didn't take off waterproof mascara. Still really handy though as I don't wear a full face of makeup too too often. 

On the plus side they were super cheap!


More things from tjmaxx. Around $2 each I believe.

Next I found these fun lights at Salvation Army. They were only a buck 79! I was convinced I would get them home and find that they don't work (which I was totally ok with because they look cute none the less) but they work!

More Salvation Army finds...
Sweater #1 is super duper soft (price as shown)
Sweater #2 is a warm wool Gap sweater

I'm most excited about these pants. Look at the leotard feeties! I'm actually gonna cut the legs and re-hem them without the stirrups. 

Wee only 2 buckaroos! 

If you have a Salvation Army Family Store near you I definitely recommend checking it out. It's one of my favorite places to shop. Also, don't be afraid to shop in ALL the sections. Some of my favorite things came from the men's rack! 

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